7+ Ways To Generate Leads For Your Local Business

Updated: Apr 28

By Ian Meyer

Before the Internet started grasping at every aspect of the world, putting everything online, lead generation was synonymous with networking, and traditional marketing methods helped businesses survive and grow.

With the developing times, an organization has to choose whether it wants to remain stuck in the past or utilize the best marketing tactics to survive this competitive business-oriented world. The best doesn't necessarily mean online. While it's true that the online lead generation methods can help you attract a huge customer base, neglecting the local audience is a mistake.

It's essential to combine the best of both online and offline methods to create an influential global presence. As such, we have curated a list of the best of both lead generation methods and will briefly talk about how each one contributes to leads.

Generating Leads Through Online Methods

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Google Adwords/Ads

What are Google Ads? How do they work?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is the quickest method of generating leads, faster than SEO. With Google Ads, a company gets increased brand awareness, detailed ad tracking, and also gets an edge over the competitors. Let's see an example to understand what it is and how it works.

Example: Consider an online brochure company, Empire Brochures.

Target Audience/Prospective customers: Start-up organisation in need of high-quality brochures.

Thoughts about procuring these Brochures: While some brochure companies will want to get it done internally by studying brochure design templates, others would hire the best brochure design company in the industry.

Where are they going to find the solution?

Google Search Engine.

Everyone, even the best minds in the industry, relies on Google for their answers.

Now a graphic designer working in the organization that wants to handle the brochure internally will look for 'brochure design templates" for ideas.

The latter will limit their Google search to "best brochure design company" or "top brochure design company" or just "brochure design company".

We have purposefully picked keywords that haven't been used by competitors of Empire Brochures. It presents Empire with a unique opportunity to be the only one on Google Ads. Before Google Ads, whenever a user searched a keyword on Google, it displayed a list of results, most of which were organic.

Nowadays, the top results are more often than not paid ads. In the case of a brochure company, whenever a person looks up the above-underlined keywords, Google will place the Empire Brochure's website at the top of the search bar.

List of Google Ads Lead Generation Strategies

  • Dynamic Text Insertion: Can assist in targeting the right customers.

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups: For getting more out of each keyword.

  • Google Ad Extensions: For gaining better visibility.

Geo-Targeting Ads: For capturing more local leads.

A well-planned Lead Generation Campaign: For a global reach.