Facebook And Instagram Ads For Beginners

By Ian Meyer of Business Builders

Running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram is an effective way to connect

with new customers, generate warm leads, and drive sales for your business. There

are a lot of choices to make along the way, so here’s a five-step guide to running your

first campaign!

1. Know your goal.

Before you begin, it’s important to decide the objective of your campaign:

the primary goal of the ad. Facebook offers 11 different objectives to choose from, but here are the top three we recommend checking out first:


Great for businesses who …

• Want to increase brand awareness in the local area

• Generate leads via phone call s

• May not have a shoppable or mobile-friendly website

Keep an eye on this metric: Impressions (the number of times your ad is seen).


Great for businesses who …

• Sell products or services through their website

• Make reservations, bookings, or appointments through their website

• Have a mobile-friendly website with enough information (e.g., a viewable menu) to help convert a customer.

Keep an eye on this metric: Clicks (the number of people who clicked through to your website

from the ad).


Great for businesses who …

• Have an email database or email newsletter that helps generate sales

• Primarily operate business-to-business and need a quick click-to-call function

• Offer educational courses and programs

Keep an eye on this metric: Leads (the number of people who have filled out the form and given the business their information).

2. Craft your content.

Once you’ve set your objective, you’re ready to start building your ad. You’ll want to select copy, visuals, and a call to action that support your overall goal.


Call upon your inner copywriter. You’ll need to write text for the following aspects of your ad:

  • Headline: It’s the marquee that grabs your audience’s attention and tells them just what your ad is all about. You won’t have a lot of space, but don’t worry: The body copy below will help.

  • Body Copy: It’s the spice that accompanies the image and headline and enriches the ad’s info and focus. You’ve got more room to show off both your product and personality.

  • Link Description: Let your audience know a little more about what they’re clicking before they journey to learn more about those products, services, or offers highlighted in the ad.

TIP: The copy should be informative and succinct. When people are scrolling through a news

feed, they won’t stop on your ad very long, so make those words count.

TIP: This is not the time to break out the thesaurus with fancy-sounding words. Use everyday,

conversational language to ensure your message comes through.


Choose your call to action: This text appears on the button of your ad and prompts the reader