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How Google My Business Is So Important To New Businesses And Their Organic Presence Online.

By Ian Meyer

Google My Business Logo over Brick and Mortar

How many of you used Google in the last 24 hours?

Did you know that Google is the most visited website on the internet? Answering roughly 3.5 billion searches a day world wide?

Between Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube or any of the other endless options you have of search engines in the world, Google dominates by taking on 75% of the worlds search engine inquiries.

One thing I see most often in Social Media is people underestimating the importance of your Google My Business profile.

I'm sure most of you, if not all of you have a Gmail account, right? Maybe even Google Drive... But how many of you out there have ever heard of Google My Business?

Google My Business is one of the many tools that Google offers for FREE to all users who have a Gmail account. It allows you to create a business profile that will vastly improve your listing online and it's online presence.

With a Google My Business account, you can connect more easily with customers across Google Search and Google Maps, which will greatly increase the odds of your customer engagement.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, Google is the foundation to which you will focus all of your energy towards. Not only through Social Media platforms but directly from your website as well. When you are fully utilizing your organic presence, all 3 will be integrated, working together to showcase your business.

Recently an article came out from the stating that Google My Business optimization is now considered the most valuable local marketing service available to business owners online.

When you combine that with your Social Media platforms, you can create a powerhouse of FREE marketing online.

So what I suggest to all of you, is think about the Social Media platforms that align most with your profession or business model. You don't need to use them all, but as many as you can. For some help figuring that out, I wrote an article related about it that can be found here.

Through little tricks you can use on your website, utilizing a complete Google My Business profile, combined with all of your Social Media platforms - you make a huge impression on the web. Depending on the keywords someone uses when trying to find you, you can dominate the entire 1st page of search results.

Remember when you post on your Social Media, to use strategic hashtags, and to tag your location (a popular one, say for instance Boston, MA). Also remember to always, always have some sort of engaging media. Never ever should you put a post out on any of your Social Media platforms without at least an image or even better, a video. Keep the message as short as possible (people have short attention spans), and just post as often as you possibly can.

Once you have your website optimized for on-site SEO, your Google My Business account complete, and you start a strong Social Media campaign - you will be well on your way to building a strong online presence! Off-site SEO is a whole other ball of wax, but if you implement that as well, you will become unstoppable if you stick with it and keep applying yourself.


That's all for now, everyone! Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for new blogs every week. I've been inspired to write a few just from this article alone, so there is definitely more to come. If you ever have a topic you'd like me to write on, let me know in the comments below!

And if you feel a bit overwhelmed, don't! It gets easier and easier as you keep at it. You just have to take those first steps and get the ball rolling. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me here in the comments of this blog. I will answer as soon as I can. Thanks again and have a great day!

"Stay Calm and Build On!"


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Article By: Ian Meyer - Entrepreneur and Creator of Business Builders Club

Ian has been infected entrepreneurial spirit since he was a child, from small time hustles like mowing the neighbors lawn to selling drugs as a teen. In his 30's he went on to run what would become the #1 Tour in Boston, MA. As a way to pivot during COVID19, he is working on multiple projects trying to make a path to the next chapter of his life.

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