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An Introduction to Business Builders Club.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Stop living the death-by-paycheck cycle and begin building a business that works for you instead of you working for it. Start your path to freedom now by building freedom to do the things you love with the people you love.


Going into 2021, how a crisis can turn into opportunity

By the end of 2020, eCommerce sales reached $840 billion with an incredible 40.3% growth from 2019. That's the highest annual eCommerce growth in the US over the last two decades.

In, 2020 - Due to the pandemic - 22 million Americans lost their jobs

Maybe you were one of them, and are struggling to figure out where to go from here.

Even if you weren't, you've picked up on the unbelievable opportunity unfolding in the world right now.

Making it as good a time as ever to finally embrace your inner entrepreneur.

You may want to go all in, finally be your own boss, and take your idea as far as possible.

Maybe you just have a side hustle that you want to expand into the online market.

Maybe you have an established business and are seeking an online presence so you can keep up. Or looking to redesign your existing site.

Whoever you are, whatever your story, all eCommerce starts with a great website.


Who I am and why I'm here today

My name is Ian Meyer. I am 36 years old and a lifelong entrepreneur. I have been figuring out ways to make money, working for myself, since the first online retail transactions were taking place in 1994.

Back then, almost no brick and mortar businesses had an online presence and buying something on the internet? Just seemed like such a foreign concept.

For the last 27 years I have been a dreamer - fleshing out one idea after the next. From my most basic ideas as early as 10 - where I would rake leaves, mow lawns and shovel snow for my neighbors in Upstate New York for 10 bucks. To generating millions, running the #1 tour in Boston - leading a staff of 30 people.

Coronavirus SUCKS, and as you could imagine it has completely ruined the tourism industry, especially in a densely populated city like Boston. So like many, I have had to find a way to pivot. And fortunately for me, I have decades of experience not only in entrepreneurship and business, but web design and marketing as well.

In 1996, I was 12 years old and became fascinated with websites. I taught myself how to do HTML coding and began making websites the old fashioned way. Today, there are endless web building platforms for you to choose from that take away the need to know code and do the grunt work for you!

I have tested out all of the major players in this up and coming industry and have found what I believe to be the all-around, best option for business owners who are interested in doing it themselves.

With decades of experience in both business and in web design, I feel I am uniquely qualified to guide you along the way. Not only in building your business website, but doing so from the perspective of a serial entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner with both street smarts and book smarts who has done it many times over - knows what customers want - who can save you from the time and frustration that I have had to go through to learn what I know from many successes and even more mistakes.


Business Builders Club is Born

I am not a guru, I am just someone who has always been full of ideas and for decades has had this scratch to itch over wanting to help others through my experiences. I may only be 36 but I assure you I have done a lot of living in my lifetime and have what it takes to guide you and your business through the wide world of eCommerce, on the world wide web.

In my experience I have learned that at least half the people I would send web design quotes to, ended up telling me they were going to figure it out on their own and do the website themselves. Out of curiosity, I'd come back a month or two later to see what they came up with and 9 times out of 10 it would be a complete mess. And these business owners were hurting themselves without realizing it. Leaving the gears in my head turning for years wondering "What can I do to help both sides of the spectrum?" .

The idea finally hit me, and Business Builders Club was born.

So join me, as I encourage you to take that first step into the digital side of entrepreneurship. Take advantage of our free content as I guide you through the world of eCommerce and digital marketing. Take it a step further by saving yourself time and frustration either by hiring me and my team of all American staff to do the work for you. Or, by joining the Business Builders Club and becoming a member, giving you full access into all of my training material that gives you step by step instructions on how to not only build your website, but how to market it too. Along with lots of bonus content highlighting the every day life of entrepreneurs.


Article By: Ian Meyer - Entrepreneur and Creator of Business Builders Club

Ian has been infected entrepreneurial spirit since he was a child, from small time hustles like mowing the neighbors lawn to selling drugs as a teen. In his 30's he went on to run what would become the #1 Tour in Boston, MA. As a way to pivot during COVID19, he is working on multiple projects trying to make a path to the next chapter of his life.

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